About Linda

I was destined from an early age to cut apart things, glue, paste, tape, build,and sew all sorts of little things to keep busy. I lived in a home where sewing was as common as cooking, and in those days, cooking dinner was an important meal where family gathered around the table to talk and enjoy one another's company.

Linda Poole

Mom was never hesitant to hand over a pair of scissors to me at an early age. I was taught to sew quite young in life, so I was shown how to handle scissors properly...except...if you look closely...I think I was caught by the camera cutting a book up! I just call this the beginning of "collage work"!


I have many interests and hobbies aside from my passion for quilting. I have a deep affection for animals. Here you can see my beautiful female Akita dog named "Tashi" short for Shiro Tamashi meaning White Spirit in Japanese.


I love teaching, photography, gardening, reading, snuggling with kitties, dancing, writing, painting, journaling, researching history, traveling, putting puzzles together, watching a good thriller on television, learning, learning and endlessly learning from those who know alot of one thing or a bit of everything!

And....drumroll please....this is my little Corgi named Zoie. This little girl is my constant companion in the sewing room, my walks, hikes and photo journies. She is a true little clown who I adore.

"I never did meet a cat quilt I liked!"
 (RIP Tashi girl)