Whole cloth Painting

Learn to paint, blend and add whimsical details to your whole cloth painted quilt top. Learning from Linda, an experienced painter and quilt instructor, on how to make your quilt a one of a kind masterpiece.

It’s a great, doable and small enough project to learn how to paint on fabric!


Size: 11” x 17”

Kit fee price: $32.00 

 Kit includes:

· Step by step Photo Instructions and Master Pattern

· Pattern drawn on PFD (prepared for dye) fabric

  Lightweight interfacing with drawn oval

  Water soluble glue stick and Kokeshi toothpicks

· High quality Textile Paintbrushes

· Black fabric Marker

· Iridescent Textile Medium

· Assortment of Ink Pencils

· Textile Ink

· Photograph

· Project Bag

 *There are enough supplies left over for you to have many future painted whole cloth quilts! 


 What you will need to bring:

· Masking or Artist Tape

· 11" x 17" smooth piece of cardboard

· Pencil Sharpener

· Washcloth inside of plastic baggie

· Container to fill with water

· Paper Towels

· Masking or Artist Tape

· Apron or old clothes

Fabric Scissors


 Program Chairman: Irons, Ironing Boards and a couple of blow dryers are needed for this class.